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Incredible Cosmos Tischkalender 2018

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INCREDIBLE COSMOS 2018 - Tischkalender (englisch)

Dieser Tischkalender hält für jeden Tag des Jahres eine neue Information zum Thema Astronomie und Raumfahrt bereit oder zeigt ein fantastisches Weltraumfoto .

Did you know that trillions of neutrinos are passing through your body every second?
Or that the outermost part of our solar system could be hiding another planet?
Or that there's a place on the Moon where the Sun never sets?

This universe of ours is an amazing place, and every page of this calendar offers an astronomical fact or photograph to bring that cosmic perspective to your daily life. Discover wonders far beyond the realm of ordinary experience!.

Format: ca. 11,5 x 11,5 cm
370 Blatt

Sky & Telescope, 2017