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Beautiful Universe Wandkalender 2018

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BEAUTIFUL UNIVERSE 2018 - Wandkalender (englisch)

Dieser Wandkalender kombiniert fantastische Astrofotografien mit bedeutenden Daten und Ereignisse aus Astronomie und Raumfahrt.

Let the 2018 Sky & Telescope Beautiful Universe Wall Calendar introduce you to the spectacular sights and science of our cosmos.

Each month offers a chance to explore the dense and dusty remains of an exploding star, the sweeping arms of a spiral galaxy, or the fiery and furious chromosphere of a nearby star. Witness the effects of stellar winds on the cold dust clouds that streak our galaxy or discover the brilliant core of a stellar nursery.

These spectacular astrophotographs celebrate the science and beauty of a different object in our universe every month, whether it’s a nebula, supernova remnant, or galaxy.

The 2018 Sky & Telescope Beautiful Universe Wall Calendar combines astrophotography with significant moments in the history of astronomy. In addition to Moon phases, the calendar lists major civil and religious holidays in the U.S. and Canada.

Format: ca, 30 x 30 cm
aufgeklappt: ca. 60 x 30 cm
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Sky & Telescope, 2017